I wish I could talk to my therapist

I got so much to discuss and it is stuff I dont want to talk to my family about to prevent them from being upset. I have to wait to the 5th to see my therapist and he is always do busy.

Did you want to bat a few at us. We aren’t your therapist but we listen.

Yeah sure. It really hard to deal with depression for me lately.

What kinds of things are you dealing with right now?

My mom being on hospice, school, trying to get a job, etc

Let’s look at those areas. How would you like to see those areas change?

do you get ssi?

I wish I could get a job and have good support from people at my school. The other goal of my mom getting better seems unrealistic.

No. I am not on ssi

What kind of jobs are you interested in? Let’s start with this one.

I have my nursing license so I am looking for nursing positions

What situations would you like to practice in? Hospital, assisted living, doctors office, community health, or others?

Well I just had an interview in oncology on Tuesday so that or mental health.

have you considered going to a church maby you get a miracle to help with your mothers situation

Are you able to separate your personal circumstances from your interests?

I would leave it up to God. Also be careful mentioning religion here because it can trigger some people. It’s against the rules.

I can try but it is difficult my therapist says I need to focus on my mental, physical, and spiritual wellbeing.

Your therapist is right. I wonder if your mother has cancer?

Yes she does I need to take better control of my life that will help with the depression

didnt know weird would think its neutral thing to talk about here. i know i lose faith in him sometimes but iv seen testimonies that would have you think anything is possible. such as hiv/aid being cured