I wish i could study again....:))))))))))

it is not spiritual but when i was in college
i yern to watch seX while studying
i failed many times in college
it may be a good reason for you and me to stop watching seXXXX :rofl::rofl:

So watching sexy didn’t help you study I see …

Ehhh as much as I love this topic, I don’t think it’s appropriate.

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Hey, I have that problem too sometimes and I study…

When I choose my major I thought doing something that wouldn’t be hard for me, given my interests at the time.
I don’t know how expensive it is for you, but if you try really hard(and you only can do that studying stuff that you like) you might be able to do so! You can at least try it again, you have the advantage of knowing yourself better.

I also don’t know how limiting is your disease, I just wanted to say that it’s time to believe in yourself, even if you don’t study again :wink:

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