I wish I could quit my medicine

I can’t make my mind up. There’s so many pros and cons. Pro, feel satisfaction and enjoyment. I guess there’s not that many pros but that’s a big one. Pro, avoid potential damage to my brain and body. Con, can’t really walk without it. Con, losing my $245 a month disability for not complying with treatment. Con, no way can i get a job if i’m off it. Con, paranoia. Con, feeling worse. Con, my heart skips beats constantly off of haldol maybe from the panic caused by the SZ symptoms or withdrawal (not sure). Con, i will be broke and more disabled. I guess i’m just posting this to organize my thoughts on the idea and see if anyone has any advice. I think i’m just sick of the isolated life i live where not even the simple things bring me satisfaction or pleasure anymore.

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I think the fact that there’s less pros, then cons, is telling.

Con: ending up in the hospital.


I’m in the same boat. I fantasize about quitting meds. But I quit only once and ended up on a higher dose of Invega afterwards.


Dont quit. The disordered thinking will go up and youll increasingly feel its fun to be “crazy” and evntually never want to go back to meds because “crazy” becomes your normal

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