I wish I could have kids one day

Is it a possible thing to happen?

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Yes. It’s possible. But you need to be stable for a while first. Most people can have a baby, but that doesn’t automatically make them a good parent. Focus on taking your meds and working through issues


How long stable?

It is possible. But if you arent stable, you could be deemed not fit to raise a kid and easily have your child taken away and put into social services.

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I don’t want that to happen :confused:

Of course no one does and no one wants to take children away from their mothers. But they do it for the good of the child and to make sure they grow up in a safe loving environment.

I hope you’re doing oaky Crystal. Try not to get fixated on things like having a child one day. You are still very young and there’s lots of time to turn things around and live a better life.
Its better to focus on making the most of today and what you can do to help yourself now, not worrying about things down the road/in the future.

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I still have some paranoia. I’m worried it never goes away

I mean depending on what it is about and how constant it is, that might be fairly normal. I get paranoid about small things sometimes, like people lying to me etc. I have to remember that if I don’t have evidence for things then I can’t just assume them to be true even if I feel strongly.

I fear that people want to kill me

Well in that situation you have to question your thought more.

Why would they want to kill you?
Where is your evidence for this motive? etc etc.

Do you speak to someone about these thoughts?

Yes I’ve talked to a psychiatrist

Okay thats good. I was just curious because obviously they can help you a lot more than I can :slight_smile:
Hopefully over time you get used to questioning these thoughts, and at some point you know when you have them that you should ignore them.

I took me quite a few years to get over some delusions I used to have too if it helps.

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What if they deem me incompetent

How do you mean sorry?

What do you mean?

Lol. Were you saying “what if they find me incompetent” to be a parent?

I always thought I would have kids “someday”, but I never got around to it. I guess I missed out.

yes exactly that

If that did happen, I imagine you wouldn’t be able to see the child anymore. They would get a foster family (hopefully). I think when they were 18 it would be on their terms whether they wanted to reach out to you etc.

But you are working on lots of ifs here… Best not to worry about that kind of thing until you meet someone you want to actually have kids with and you are in a situation where they can be provided for.