I wish i could have a bf

But my illness it causes me to hide. I remember in the past a girl thats Mexican would call me a ugly white thing and say I dont deserve no boy. That I am so white. This past is beating me. It doesnt stop what they say to me. I hate it. I actually believe thats why girls make other girls sick. Because they believe their gonna be so low down so they had to critilize me to the point I hide away. I wanna run free. And go places. She ruined me.


Words hurt a lot. One thing, the girl that told you those things must be so miserable that she has to make everyone miserable around her. She was most likely jealous of something you do or have. Words sometimes can just be mean. I bet there are young men already that would like to go on a date with you and you just do not know it.


I don’t want to sound sanctimonious and self righteous, but Eleanor Roosevelt once said that no one can make you feel inferior without your permission. (Of course, I doubt if Eleanor was ever a sophomore in an American high school.) Try to grow a thicker skin. There are a lot of guys who would like you the way you are. Some people like pale skin. Some like darker. Different strokes for different folks.


Us guys know how it feels don’t worry

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i also feel like i need someone who loves me besides my parents. i have been single for about 9 years and sometimes the frustration of all that times can make me feel evil.
when i was younger my friends use to hook me up with girlfriends but now noone wants to talk to me because of my illness. and in almost every single case of communication i have to be the one to initiate a conversation in order to talk to people. they never hit me up first.

You are just special and I always fell in love with specials,

It does not matter if you are white or light skined latino or light skined black or albino.

Someone hating you for your skin color is racist. That girl was ignorant.

It makes as much sense as saying I hate you because your hair is black or brown or red or blonde or platium.

Never listen to racist or other people with bias as it just irrational hate.

saying I hate disabled is irrational too as is I hate the elderly. Many people over life time will become disabled via war(veterns), car/home/ work accidents, stroke and heart disease and cancer and diabites.

We will all grow old if lucky.

I know it hurt, not putting that aside, just trying to let you see truth. See what I am saying?

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