I wish i could get out of my living situation

my mom yells and screams and calls me names when she is in the mood for it and it is quite often.

she demands my attention for hours a day.

she loads on me too much responsibility towards her and the house we live in.

all for just free room and board.

if only i could afford to move out…


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Can you find subsidized housing? They can’t charge you any more than one third of your income.

thanks chordy but no thanks. I am really strong on trying to keep off of that stuff. don’t want it.

thanks again, judy

@wave is dealing with this issue

What’s “that stuff”? If you are suffering from environmental depression, I would not let pride get in the way.

Maybe you are eligible for carers allowance if you are caring for her…
That is seen as a job even when its family one is caring for.

Can you talk to her and make a deal with her?
Be serious that you dont want her yelling, name calling .

Can you some how get help?
She might be eligible for care worker or retirement home or retire ment village and you can live alone in place but she could have activities at home.

You mentioned you may want to get married or meet a partner and live away from your mother.
You should not feel guilty about not wanting to live with her and wanting your own life n living.doesnt mean you dont care…

Can you bear the thought of living with someone else such as a partner or friend?
Can you afford caravan or live in van?

Maybe you meet some one and move in with that person and then visit your mum.

This (caravan)could be difficult as one might need to hire storage for clothes and stuff because not much will fit in a van and one can not move around and living conditions may be poor and difficult.
but that could depend on the van n energy etc

This can be difficult.
A man i know of always spoke of energy in the place one lives n the rooms… n a connection with others in it even for some its just isolation.

I can myself not even afford a caravan or motorhome despite how much ive made…
I just dont have money in person and a woman bragged they keep me as there slave .(energies , bodies ,nature etc

I live in apaprtment but it is connected to people that i do not want in my life because they have been awfule in reality.
but its nice location although neighbourhood are beleiveing lies or are just a part of it
pretty nasty n could n should take to court

but im happy feel i may have real family, friends n etc in spirit for now but still real…
I hope to move in with partner in near future.

Do you have friends you can ask for advice n help?

How can you take action to make change happen?
Who can you ask for help?

If subsidised housing not for you then what other options are available?

A man i knew told me he was ferrel and he hired a carpark and parked his van there n lived in van.
He might of washed in public shower n eat out.
I lived in my car for 3 weeks or so.
I ate out and showered in public bathroom.then moved back to apartment.

I really want to meet da man for me n move in with but theres lot people dont want that for me n who wish me bad
n no happiness.

a man i knew also spoke about storing people often people they might use as slaves get stored he reckoned.
(energy, aura, slave etc) not body…
can be worth incredible amounts but someone else gets da cash n they doll but if they at least were not isolated but thats part of the “thing” cause dont want anyone know who real owner of lightyears, eons, spirit etc is…work in bodies etc

Maybe you will find a way to cope untill you can make the change and maybe you will need support and help to make the change happen.
It can be difficult to do all by yourself specially if its a dependancy situation .

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