I wish I could change my reaction to children

It’s jealousy, I know. How does one overcome jealousy? It hurts to be jealous, to watch the provider’s granddaughter get so much love, attention and toys. And she is so happy it irritates me.:disappointed_relieved:

I love kids. I especially love their joy and wonder of the world around them. Look at it as a way to see the good things about life. Learn from kids.

One doctor told my mother I was afraid to be happy.

Are you afraid to be happy?

Maybe I thought happiness came with death.

I was always jealous of my cousin because we were poor and she had so many toys.

You can have joy, contentment, and happiness while alive

How do you know?

I am neutral with kids. I have 3 nices

I used to be severely depressed - for like 15 years. I changed some things in my life and now I’m content and happy. I still have anxiety about leaving the house but I’m content at home.

Living with a kid is a lot different from just visiting with them.

Parenthood though hard is fulfilling. When my daughter was in Girl Scouts they put on a play. I was amazed by my daughter’s performance

She was also in a thing called KidStuff with my former church. That kid could dance like nobody’s business

So you are proud of her. What happens when she is disappointing?

You do the best you can. My daughter never really disappointed me. She was hard headed(he half sister was too) and that was difficult. I didn’t know what to do with her at times.

She’s 21 now. She has a job and is in college.

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