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A wish takes effort to come true. There has to be some kind of burning flame that ignites within in order to make a wish possible.

You can say “I wish I didn’t eat all that cake, then I would have never failed on my diet”, there is no effort there, just plain and simple. You can’t go back in time and stop yourself from eating that cake.

A wish of mine is I wish I can work and read books.

It feels like sz is stealing me. I find my cognitive symptoms make me impaired every day.

My therapist said “people living with your disease work and you wouldn’t even know they have sz”

That doesn’t help me because I did work, and everyone knew I had it.

I’m feeling depressed.


I’m feeling the exact same way. It sucks cause we once lived regular lives with regular jobs but this illness has taken that away from us.

Also depressed

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I didn’t have a regular job, the illness took away my concentration and reasoning at 16. It sucks. I wish I had a chance to fit in with society as a adult in her mid 20s. I’ll be 27 this year

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I’m sorry! I also am in my mid 20’s I’m 25. In my adult life I have only worked for a few months till I couldn’t handle it anymore.

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You both are very blessed to be still young and have the potential for a good life in the future.
I can’t tell you how much I wish i was still your age knowing what i know now.
Life can get better, so can the illness.


Im 38. Im skilled as a cook so i can work but my longest job was 2 years just barely. I was let go because there was not enough hours. I usually get so stressed out because of work that i quit. Its a vicious cycle between working to gey out of poverty and recovery from work while relying on charity. But at least im not giving up! I am trying my best to get higher education so i can do a home business or something.


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