I will try to board a flight to New York

Wish me luck!!!


Lithium is good for u Erez …??? Just see ur psydoc as soon as possible …!!!


Erez, don’t do that. You’re probably going to get arrested by airport security - which I’m sure is no joke in Israel.

Go back on your meds!

The med I need is unavailable in Israel.

There are suitable needs available in Israel. Something is definitely better than nothing. You don’t sound stable at all lately.

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And let’s assume you are able to board the flight and you get to NYC. What then? Where will you go? Who will you stay with? How will you navigate the health system with no real knowledge if how it works in the US? How will you pay for it?


What med is that?

Your health care system should have access to most modern antipsychotics.

We do not have universal health care in the US, it’s only a good place to be if you’re sick and also wealthy.


OK . can you tell me which med I need to take among the meds available in Israel?
Or is it too much to ask?
The previous med I took , olanzapine 10 mg, weakened me physically in a terrible way.
I don’t want to be a guinea pig, just tell me which med I need.

I’m not a doctor, so you should ask yours. But typically after olanzapine they might try risperdone or Abilify. If that doesn’t work they might try clozapine, or they might try another AP.

It seemed like the olanzapine helped though.

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Olanzapine then Abilify? I thougt Abilify was amongst the “weaker” APs.

I think it is not considered as strong as olanzapine but if side effects were the problem, then it’s one doctors like. Not to say it doesn’t have side effects, but for some people it can be good.

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