I will take 10 mg Olanzapine every night for the rest of my Life. By Sagar Gorijala

I will take 10 mg Olanzapine every night for the rest of my Life. By Sagar Gorijala.

Final quote and accepted quote, that means… all other quotes are not given importance and are not considered to be of any value…

Final quote —> Existence is everything. When change happens something is happening and everything else is not happening.

By Sagar Gorijala. ( This quote is accepted and all other quotes / statements / sentences are denied… ).



Hi sagar, are you OK. Don’t decide your self about medicine.


When is ur next pdoc meet… talk to him about ur medication…!!! No dont decide urself .!!! It can prove fatal to u… So do as per ur pdoc supervision. . Take care and ur great guy…love u man…!!!


Guys Olanzapine 10 mg is my regular dosage of antipsychotics which I was not taking and decided to take it for the rest of my life. Any way here is my facebook account… we can be in touch…


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Sagar who goes hospital with U to see a doctor…

Mom dad gijaji…who…??

I go with my mom and dad. .???

Lifes a bitch…depand upon how u treat it…for me its a super bitch…

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Have you ever tried Clozapine? It seems to have a similar effect to Zyprexa but with fewer side-effects. It does require regular blood tests to check on your white cell count but any harmful effect is rare. I was a non-responder to all the other APs but clozapine worked for me which is typical. Zyprexa wreaked havoc with my blood sugar and gave me metabolic syndrome, I got so ill I can never take it again.

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I remember you. you used to hang out here a few months back.