I will sign up a course soon


So i decided to take a 5 month course. When i will finish this course for orderly(in hospitals or elderly centers) i plan to volunteer. It means a lot for me like going out of house, socializing, learning and so on. I’m excited :smiley:


Best of luck with it all. I hope it all goes well.


Good luck @anon96660997!


That is so great! Good for you!


Good luck @anon96660997! That sounds great!!!


@anon96660997, that’s a very hard job you chose to volunteer in. Very physically and mentally demanding. That’s more of a work for pay job. I know. I worked in it for years. But, if you can do it for free, more power to you.


@ginalovea2 Volunteer part time. For moment i will take the course and after that i will see if i can handle.


@anon96660997, I hope you are not paying for your training if you are not intending to receive pay for it. Just saying.


@ginalovea2 Yes the course is paid type but it’s not expensive and i can pay in installments. It’s more like a new experience to me. I also done in the past security guard course and it went well.


Good luck @anon96660997
Sounds exciting


Good luck @anon96660997! I hope this works out for you.


I think this is awesome as you can never go wrong by learning new things. Not sure I’d want to do orderly work without pay, however! A tip of the hat to you if you’re able to enjoy it.


Don’t do it better play video games