I will prove you how superficial everybody is

We all know the regular talk about superficiality. Especially the how judging by looks is superficial.

Let me show you how superficial you can be on the internet.

First of all, you dont know most of the people you’re talking to, you only read what they write online.

You don’t know them in real life, you never heard they’re voice or see they’re eyes.

But you start to like and dislike a person based on what you read, limited by a ‘internet common sense’ which says to mind your business and dont ask to manny questions. That only gives rise to your own interpretations and prejudices ,your own biases.

You dont know the person but you’re ready to like or dislike them for what you think they are.

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Human beings are intensely superficial. It’s precisely the strength of this commitment to superficiality what we often mistake for depth. No one would visit Venice if it didn’t look the way it does.

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I only understand arrogance when its based on something worthy of it. So what’s yours based on?


I like you a lot. You speak your mind which is full of sense. Its a welcome change to this fcking miserable place

You talk through videos, thats ideas of reference

Liking people based on what they say is NOT being superficial. It’s exactly the opposite of being superficial IMO.


I don’t consider that superficial, I consider that drawing conclusions from a somewhat limited amount of information. In a way, it’s less superficial since you are basing your judgments on what someone has to say, rather than just the way they look


Judging someone based purely on their looks is superficial.

Judging someone on what they say, what they believe and how they act is not superficial.


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