I will probably be at my perfect weight in about a year

I am steadily losing weight on my V - 8 diet. My belly has been deduced about half way to not being there !! I am on fire…I do my isometrics every other day and my arms are looking fit and toned again !! Anybody else excited about weight loss??


well done! bravo!!! =)

Yeah I am excited for you. Maybe I can convince my bf to do the same.

I have lost in 40-45 days - a total of 16 pounds. How is that possible? Medication change mostly. I will start exercise soon, need to get fit.


I have been exercising and toning up, but not loosing weight. Perhaps I will soon? But I am happy to have better muscle tone.


I’ve gone from 230 in january to about 208 now. its very exciting to see my clothes get looser as time goes on


good work everyone !! I fit into a 2X shirt and have a 38 inch waist. last I checked anyways…the 2X is getting loose. I can’t believe it !!


How are you incorporating V-8 juice into your diet?

I use the sodium free V - 8…I replace two of my meals a day with a glass of V -8…

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Interesting! V-8 is delicious!

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each glass has a serving of two vegetable equal. I don’t get hungry after drinking a glass either.

Awesome! You’ve inspired me. Thanks!

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well, you’re most welcome !!