I will pass away faster because of sz

I will pass away faster because of sz.Going to be less scary to let people talk about it since it is a fact

Today I have got a family gathering,I dislike one of my female cousin.Shes fat and unlikeable to me.But she’s okay with everyone else

I have a heart condition where the average age of death is 40. I turn 49 in just over a month. There are always exceptions to every rule. I just go out and do my best in a day and not worry about things like this.


You inspire(20char)

I feel the same.

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we’re all in the same boat…much love

there is the stereotype of the schizophrenic who is overweight and beset by heart problems.
My weight is fine, I exercise all the time and my fitness is fine too.
So much for stereotypes.


I exercise too,guess it’s the most important activity I do

I do sports too,it fuel my passion,love♥️

Lol. I have had a death-wish for over 35 years. But my body is a survivor. I should have died at birth, being 2 months premature with many complications… I want to leave here before my body turns 75, but I keep thinking I’ll probably live longer. We’ll see. It’s like waiting for Christmas when I was a kid.

That is, unfortunately, my reality, but the heart problem occurred in the womb and predated everything else that went wrong in my life. Not much to do about it but “keep buggering on” as Winston Churchill was wont to say.

Lol @Hedgehog. At least ur 50. I’m 29 and in same boat, and the goal is so far away i try not to think about it cuz its daunting. Hopefully by the time i’m ur age tho there will be new treatments, or somehow my life improves, but till then i got a strong desire to not be here anymore.

Some studies suggest coffee consumption prolongs life.

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This is not such a bad thing :expressionless:

I made it to 50 not by being a shining success story, but by scraping through with a great deal of help from my parents.
I live at a higher functioning level now because I’ve learned more coping skills for myself. I had no idea that I had sz for the great majority of my life. I have lived in a state of perpetual “spiritual warfare” with tormenting demons and my own self-hatred, etc. I have no aspirations for anyone to come in and save the day with miracle treatments. I just look to God each day and live one day at a time, doing what I can when I can.
At this point, while I genuinely long for home (to be with God), I finally see the merit of having stayed. It is worth it to stay here.
PS, @Esm, at 29 I had a psychopathic husband whom I was in the process of divorcing, a new baby whom I didn’t know how I was going to raise, I had to leave everything and move in with my folks, so my future was not bright. :blush:

life is suffer
death is rest

I feel that schizophrenia is bad for my life expectancy, but I hope for a cure
or otherwise to beat the odds and live forever.

Just looked up the stats. 14.5 years younger than the average mostly due to diseases caused by smoking and obesity. And suicide rates are higher.

I know ur 50 and i’m 29, but i really agree with the attitude u take and feel i take the same one. Maybe cuz i have suffered a great deal with sz and will continue to suffer i am mature for my age, think more advanced. I go on regular 10 mile hikes in nature but i struggle to do groceries. I have recieved fair amount of help from parents too. I am trying to do more, i attend 2-3 groups a week. Would like to expand my horizon, but life is borderline unbearable.

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We’re supposed to die 25 years sooner than our parents. So, that means I’m due to die anytime now. My dad was 73 when he passed. My mom was 79. I am now 57. So, so long everyone.

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No one gets to leave this place!

At least not in the way we like to think?

Then, later, now. What’s the difference?

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