I will need to quit


In 7 months I have taken 2.5 days sick that includes today. I cannot carry on. It is too much work! My manager said I can take off as much time as I want but the agency is now calling me asking me whats wrong…


2.5 sick days in 7 months is really reasonable.


Yeah I think the workplace is struggling. But I am planning not to go tomorrow … But will go Friday…


that really does sound reasonable


I take one day per month off of work, sometimes two! And that is truly too much, but your 2.5 in 7 months is outstanding, @ish. You have very high standards, and there’s nothing wrong with that, but when your standards are so high that they become destructive it’s time to ease up a bit. :heartpulse:


what you work at @ish?? is the job stressful


That sounds okay. It sounds like you work really hard. If you decide to quit, maybe you can look for something a little less demanding before you put in your weeks’ notice. 7 months is a long time though, good on you :slight_smile:


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