I will eat almost anything but I won't eat liver and onions

no no no, no liver and onions…no sushi either…haha


It depends on the quality of the liver for me. Sometimes it can taste quite bitter and powdery… My father liked liver and bacon casserole rather than fried liver, so that was a regular evening meal when I was living with my parents.

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Do you like pate or foie gras? I absolutely them. I even enjoy ■■■■■■■. But ive never had liver on its own with onions. Doesnt sound that nice.

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oh hell no…pate schmate…haha

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In Korea, we eat steamed liver but it’s often hated by the half of the nation, and liked by the other half. It’s 50-50 thing.


You can help get rid of that bitter flavor, by soaking it in milk overnight.

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That doesn’t always work, but it is better doing it than not doing it on the whole.

I guess chicken liver always has that bitter taste. Beef liver is usually milder. I wonder why that is.

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I usually use lambs liver.

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I don’t like liver either.

I love cattle liver fried with pepper and salt and cream sauce.

I like liver but not crazy about onions to be honest


I won’t eat liver or onions too

I once worked at a hospital in the kitchen.

I was a teenager, still in high school and we were in the deep south.

One day the menu called for liver and onions.

We made it.

It was about as popular as you’d imagine, so we had tons leftover.

About a month later my boss was having a bad day.

She didn’t want to be at work and it showed.

She was the main cook and I was her assistant.

That day called for something semi complicated (chicken sandwiches) on the menu.

(In the hospital when you serve something fried like fried chicken sandwiches, you have to also serve multiple healthier options. So it’s more work than just a bunch of sandwiches.)

No dice.

She was absolutely not going to make it.

So she gave me the key to the deep freezer, which is another story (it used to be the morgue), and had me fetch some frozen heap she had hidden.

It was the old liver and onions.

She served them that day, to patients and staff.

Someone on the line said “I thought we were having chicken sandwiches today?”.

My boss snapped back “We are!”.

All while serving those old, nasty liver and onions.

No one had the nerve to question her but we all made an effort to get rid of all the leftovers that time.

It was pretty funny.


Yes to sushi, but never to liver. The smell of it cooking makes me nauseated. My wife likes it so she had to go eat it on her own.

On the farm we made livermush. It’s basocally the same as scrapple, but with cornmeal unstead of oatmeal.

So good.

Not even with some fava beans and a nice chianti sauce?

Liver…yeah. I remember my mom cooking that for dinner when I was little. It wasn’t something I would like to have again. But the onions and gravy were lit! Lol

My mom always said if you knew how to cook liver right just about anyone would like it. She used calves liver only and I really enjoyed it even as a small boy. I wouldn’t eat onions though. I still don’t like white onions.

I caramelize a yellow onion for quiche. It takes about an hour to slow cook them and make them golden brown without burning them but a little.