I will be staying overnight at a hostel,different experience

I am going for a meetup on Saturday afternoon.Its theme is BBQ,we will be eating and talking to each other,I am kinda excited but will need to watch what I say and behave appropriately.I believe the session will end 3 hours later and hopefully they will have other event where I can stay a while longer.There will be a girl whom I contact very often via messages and I am looking forward to be meeting her.I like attending meetup,I always act differently and feel more free meeting them,hope it will be no different this time!!

It will be my first time staying at a hostel alone,away from home to have a different experience.It cost 18 euro for the bed for a night.After the night I will see if there is anything up on Sunday or else I would return home earlier if no ones meeting me up


Good for you, Gtx1990. Hope you have a nice weekend this week.


Have a nice time. Happy to hear you are getting out. Enjoy!


Good luck, it’s fun to do stuff like that. :smile:


Thanks all,very much! :smile:


Hell yeah man… See ladies are out here…

Dude 18 euros a night isnt bad… Thats pretty comparable to rent in a lot of places…

Good luck gtx… I can almost tell just from your posts that your social ambitions are paying off.

These meet ups sound like a blast…