I went to the party where i was the only one on social benefits

The crowd was a big bunch of “work hard, play hard” millionaires, lots of champagne, drugs, entertainment etc, and I felt like an alien among humans. No one asked me what I was doing, I guess they could see I was not one of them.

We live - even in egalitarian Scandinavia - in a very class divided society.

I had very few things in common with them and ditto.

There is a void between the social spheres.


Outch! Well, sounds like quite an experience!


Yes, quite interesting, but also a feeling of loneliness. I was there 6 hours, then it became too much.


Too long 6 hours. At least you got through it and honestly can never see them again.


You stayed 6 hours when it was like that? Wow. That would be hard for anyone to do.


Yes @Kxev @CoCo - I’m also very exhausted today, it was more than i could cope with.

In the future i stick to my own crowd of more or less marginalized people

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I forgot @bluebutterfly
Who invited you to this extravagant party?

Was it your brother?

Yes, my brothers birthday, he is loaded with money, i don’t see him that much and he was glad i showed up.

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Well at least it made your brother happy.
I don’t think that it was a total waste

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