I went to the casino and win some money

I win around 17 dollars (350 pesos) This was a good day


Yeah I went to my parents cabin not to long ago and won some money since it’s by Indian Land put a dollar in won 80 dollars

I put in 5$ once on vlts first spin I won 500$

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Thats a lot of money

Realizing a lot of folk have serious problems with gambling I have some luck sometimes! Please gamble responsibly!

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I’m so scared I would get addicted to gambling that I’ve never gambled. I’ve never been to a casino but I want to go so badly. I bet it would end poorly, though. I’ve never even bought a lottery ticket.


I knew a guy who said once to me that gambling is the worst problem in his life and he was heroin addict, was in jail for robbery and domestic violence and stuff, you get the idea…

I always wondered why I never got addicted to gambling until I found out my moms dad who was an addicted gambler wasn’t her real father… I see the sickness gambling does to people. Even if they win. Kid I used to talk to would gamble but he’d win but still he had lots of issues. It’s bad.

I look at gambling as a tax, so I never go to the casino

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