I went to jail

so basically my dad and i got into a fight. my mom called the pigs and i got taken to jail because i was under the influence of alcohol. i got charged with minor in consumption and domestic violence anyways, i got taken before i had the chance to take my dose of geodon that night. It was terrible in jail, my destructive and intrusive thinking were terrible. i was talked to by many mental health specialists and was put on suicide watch in jail. the environment was a bunch of benches, hard uncomfortable benches, with nothing to do so i just sat there talking to my thoughts and trying to sleep all night. never got any sleep and stayed up for around 30 hours which does me no good. it was a horrible experience and im never going back, hopefully.


Where are you now? At your parents home?

at my house mom is home


It was, even just from your plain description.

Please make peace with everyone if possible especially with your family members.

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im going to try. im gonna try and get disability so i can get out on my own


bologne and Apple sauce


Sorry to hear of your difficulties. Here’s hoping things calm down in your life and you’re able to repair the strained relationships.

My brother fights my dad when they are both drinking usually over loose comment by my dad about women.

My dad will hold a grudge months years permanent

They have no excuse they don’t have ours.
Wish you could have gotten your pills.

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thank you for your concern. family matters are in check, but i still got to deal with the law

thankfully my dad doesnt hold a grudge. i really needed my pill. it was treacherous

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Well, the main thing is you came out of it in one piece. We’ll do our best to support you through it. :heart:

thanks a ton. its putting a lot of stress on me

You probably need to watch out for the alcohol. The cops are probably going to key in on that, so be careful with it.

i know. im going to try and go sober

Geodon is terrible. I remembered when I missed a dose I stayed awake until the next day. Currently I’m prescribe Abilify ~ 5mg? For me Christianity was the cure. If you want to reinforce that sobriety I suggest you learn the mechanics of the Holy Spirit and scripture. Our weapon against strongholds. Message me anytime.

glad you found help in the Word. I just sing praises while walking, and try to feel nature totally.

im not religous but i have my own beliefs that i hope will help me get sober