I went to a psychotherapy session today

The session was interesting,me and my therapist had a good chat,I was anxious at first but was relax after a while…she said that I am doing good and I agree…she reminded me that recovery is full with ups and downs and she reminded me that soccer is my interest…lastly I was told that I should take care of my negative thoughts and do things that are enjoyable,it is a enjoyable session and I feel real…I will listen to her advice and do my best in life,my next session is 2 months away,which I felt is just nice maybe :smile: Hope to keep up with the positivity


what team do you support as matter of interest. Me Im a Liverpool fan and Liverpool won 3-2 last nite against Spurs.

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Nice news, Gtx. :slight_smile: I am also better than I was, after seeing my therapist, he helped me a lot with my delusions and my depression. :slight_smile:


I support Arsenal,we won against Leicester city 2-1…congratulation for liverpools win…I didn’t watch yesterday match as it was too late but I imagine that liverpool vs spurs match must be very nice

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