I went over 30 years of my photos

And the lesson I learned is no matter how permanent I tried to make things, they were always just temporary. Friends, girlfriends, jobs, places I lived. All just temporary.

I think the only way to have any permanence in your life is to get happily married. Then you’re kind of forced to build some things that last the test of time.

But yeah. It was a bit bitter sweet reviewing the last 30 years.


I feel sadness when I look over old photos of myself and my life.


Why sad???

This was during the pre illness years.
Just sad over the lost potential.


Do you at least have some happy memories that we’re good times throughout your life? If so, that means that even though you can count in life changing, you can also count on there being good times in the interim.

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Yes. My 20s were pretty good. Lots of happy memories.


That’s good. Hopefully you can recall those good times and know that good times can come again.


True. Very true


Wave… hugs. :hugs:


I never kept any photos, only have one from 1980 thats it

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I have wedding photos i get out around christmas and they always make me sad. Theres a couple i hate to look at of me - looking gaunt and withdrawn when i was prodromal. I look so young then - feels like a lifetime ago. TBH, apart from the pictures of my lil one, i would have thrown them out years ago - but im keeping them for my daughter for when shes older.

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That sounds good. It’s true.

Most things are temporary, we will die eventually anyway.

During my first psychosis, when I was recovering, I used to watch my pictures a lot. From the ages 16-22.
I was traumatized. It took me years and years and I’m still recovering.

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I can not go through photos taken in the 1990s because my former American spouse got these when we went through a divorce in 2000. Still I have a lot of photos, maybe I’ll go through these later, the world is changing and people are changing, even my little town is changing, many people have died, some moved away. I just wish I could have helped more some people who died in their 30’s, so young.

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