I went outside today

I haven’t been outside in what seems like months. So, those who struggle with isolation/withdrawal, how do y’all pull out of that? I’m serious, I wanna know how.
On a positive note, I went down to the pond in my backyard, and the micro-organisms are kickin this year man. We have literally thousands of tadpoles going on down there. Also, I found a set of deer felts hanging from one of my trees. I have this family of deer that’s been living here for the past few seasons. I think they trust me because they don’t even flinch anymore. They just look at me and continue eating my lawn. Well, no need for a lawn mower I suppose lol I’ll try to get a picture of these lifeforms in my pond when the sun isn’t glaring so badly. I was dumbfounded, last year we didn’t have quite as much going on. A few frogs, little bit of algae, that was about it.
The water seems a lot deeper this year as well. you know, I really wish I could change my username. I made this a few months back and I feel it doesn’t fit me too well or is just bland. How do I tag the mods, or who do I speak to? I want specimen_108.4.7-b if somebody happens to run across this. If not, it’s not a big deal right now, I’ll eventually come up with something a little more clever. Also, this is my first time posting something on here, sorry for the big block of text(not sure if that’s against the rules)


Well, true, you’re not a total loner if you are interested in our forum. Welcome, and I hope you come up with a spicy user name.

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Your post reminds me of Wilder’s “Little house in the big woods”

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Haha! Remember “little house on the prarie”? It’s not too far off, but my house is actually quite large on a nice chunk of land. No goats yet, but hopefully sometime in the near future


I have that one also. Sounds like you’re living in a very nice place.

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@specimen_108.4.7-b I still have problems going outside, but once I do I feel much better. Just push yourself everyday to get outside and you’ll do it. Welcome to the forums mate, were all family here.


I just want to say welcome to the forum @specimen_108.4.7-b :slight_smile:

In regards to your question about “how do you get out?”

I set little goals for myself. For example I’ll think “Okay, if I go to the bookstore today it will get me exercise and some socialization.”

But some days it’s nice to just kinda relax and stay home :slight_smile:

Hope this helps. :v:

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Ahh that’s how you tag people haha!
I’m glad to be here my friend. I literally have to FORCE myself to get off my ass. I can’t say it’s everyday, but it is definitely a struggle

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Done! Wasn’t sure the system would accept it but it took.

U sounds very likable and outgoing… Weird that u r having problems going outside heehehe
Anyway… Just go a lil bit everyday

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I just have to force myself quickly. The longe I linger, the more likely i’ll chicken out when I get to the door. Once I’m out there, I’m pretty well.

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I appreciate you saying that, I really do. Might be the first time anybody has ever said that to me. You seem very likeable yourself, you have a good head on your shoulders my friend! But really, in person I’m more reserved and very much an introvert. Last few days its been rainy out here, tadpoles are rather quiet tonight. In fact, everything is quiet…a little “too” quiet.

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It’s exactly that way for me. I have what’s considered a “bi level” home. I can see my deck from upstairs. I look out my window at my deck, but I think in my head like “man that’s far”. Then look behind me at my computer chair and flip a coin

Where do u live dear friend?

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Hi @specimen_108.4.7-b Nice to meet you :slight_smile: I encourage you to go outside more often :sunny:

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I reside in Michigan,USA. What about you?

Hey man, what’s happenin? Anywho, pleasureto make your aquaintance my friend. Seems peeling myself from this chair is quite the task. Past few days I’ve been out in my yard(when it’s not raining) and cutting off old dead tree branches and such. Cleaning up my deer habitat per say haha That gets me out of having to cut the grass. Dude, it’s like knee high right now. I noticed I have hemp plants(not cannabis) growing wildly in the front part of my yard

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Welcome to the forum and congratulations on your first post then.

Things can improve and get better regarding going out.

I used to have big problems with this but it is much better now.


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I’m from far away :slight_smile: not in the US
It sounds really peaceful and beautiful where your from

In a galaxy far, far away…I gotcha lol
But yeah, it’s quiet where I live. I actually just moved here shortly after my last break. Just under 2 years.
Very secluded, I don’t know many people but that means less people to spy on me, keep tabs on me,etc. It’s more country like versus a big city. I think I like it out here, but find myself getting bored quite often. Still not used to the whole country thing. I’m currently trying to SLOWLY re-expose myself to the public…eek!!