I went for a run!

Today I went for a 2km run along my beach. It felt so good burning off those side effects I can’t believe it…

I’m planning on doing 2 km runs every 2 weeks.

Here’s my beach I ran along, nice day just abit misty in some places…


Beautiful mystikal …

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Why every two weeks? You could aim for once a week, at least?

Oh my god!!! The landscape is incredible! Where is it?! :slightly_smiling_face:

Why run when you can magic swim?

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Good point man. I just didn’t tink about that lol. Maybe I’ll try 1 k a week. I think it might be easier every 2 weeks though

Anubis it’s cape town in south Africa

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That’s inspiring, Magicfish! Good for you. A jog along the beach every two weeks will keep you fit and healthy. The locale looks ideal for escaping the bustle of city life and from too heavy thoughts. Excellent post.

I was reading up and Cape Town is a pretty dangerous city. No? I hope you live in one of the less dangerous parts cuz the murder rate was seemingly pretty high in Cape Town.

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Exercising is good !!
Try to exercise more often than once every two weeks, and perhaps increase the distance!
Good luck mate!

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