I went a day without coffee yesterday

I went without any coffee yesterday just to try it. Didn’t get a headache or anything. I wonder if it’s because I drink instant coffee.

I started drinking coffee in February 2010 when I was 19 just two months before I turned 20. Since then there have only been a few times I went without coffee. First when I had my own apartment for two months in 2011 and didn’t buy any coffee or go to the university I was attending to get coffee then in 2013 when I was at the Midnight Mission in downtown Los Angeles and I think I went about a month without coffee then in 2015 I was in jail for four days one weekend and they didn’t let me out in the general population so I couldn’t get any coffee. Then last of all yesterday I had no coffee and for some reason felt fine.

What’s the longest you’ve gone without coffee?

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I’ve actually quit. So it’s been ages since I’ve had a coffee. I can’t remember the last one. Quitting was very difficult though.

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