I wasted my life buying cars

I used to love driving:images (3) 75 pintodownload s-l400 ![images|258x195]

(upload://cIKbzebEwdATLkDmCEbMbwWb4sV.jpeg) images (1) ![images (2)|259x194]1995_ford_escort_2_dr_gt_hatchback-pic-6772395854310101127-1600x1200

images (2) ) 2012 Malibu
Before Malibu is 95 ford escort, 1992 Grand prix, 1990 Grand Am


This is not so bad. At least you could drive with them. I’m 33 and just drove as an eight year old a car with my grandfather. I was sitting on him and was steering the steering wheel. It was an sideroad there where no other cars, it was fun though.

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Bought these used too. The red one was a lemon, I sold to a dealer. So didn’t lose money. The gray one, can’t remember the year.
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nice cars guys,

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Looks more like the Ford Escort, I had:

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