I was working on my Resume today

I think i accidentally took a double dose of med this morning so i was feeling exhausted but the W&L person helped me to write something down.

it looked good when i saw what i am capable of like that in front of me.


What does W&L mean?

When I need a résumé I just use the one on LinkedIn. There’s a function to convert your profile to a pdf.


W&L - work & Learning

I am on LinkdIn but idk what i am supposed to do on it lol


It’s to find a job and network. You can add people you know and there is also a section with vacancies that you can immediately apply to.

There are also HR people on LinkedIn who will contact you if they have a suitable job posting.

But maybe you knew already that.

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I don’t know anything about it really,

I can get help with it though,

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You can put your resume on it.
Join a bunch of open networker groups then you can build up the contacts to the magical 500+ number lol.

When you reach 500 contacts it says 500+ and nothing beyond that.
Kinda silly but its the ole facade of credibility badge.

I have almost 400. I dont add anyone it just slowly builds from people adding me. Maybe itll be at 500 by summer :sweat_smile:

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I might accrue a few people from my radio gig that i do.

I’m a little out of practice with my interviewing for my radio show atm and i am very nervous about a possible Interview with a music sound coach from NY who trains teen girls to sing, very nervous :smirk: :pensive:


I was bombarded with job offerings when I was on Linkedin. It felt like spam honestly. Most of the offers didn’t even take my location into account. All of the offerings were in the broadly relevant field of work however.

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