I was watching Home Alone 1 with my father

Home Alone came out in 1990. I think it is a classic. I was 12 years old when the movie came out. Home Alone 2 is on now. To be honest I like Home Alone 2 a little bit better than the first movie.


I was 8 when Home Alone was released, the same age as the main character. I had the VHS tape and knew this movie inside and out. I would always FF through the part where Marv steps on the nail though. Seeing that once on the big screen was enough for me. :persevere:

i watched home alone the last time that i ever went abroad, which was to Germany to see my nan with the family.

so it has memories attached to it of that Christmas i suppose

i do not really like xmas movies.

i just prefer them on in the background during the xmas festivities

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Both these movies were released before I was born.
I remember watching these classics with my aunts as a kid for first time. Dad had rented couple of VHS movies and had picked these two for me.

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