I was very devastated a week ago

i was using 7cups.com
to talk to ppl
most of time i talk to myself
so i was using 7cups from time to time to talk to ppl
a week ago i find myself “”""“my acount is deactivated “””"
i started to think this is may a way to torture me bad ppl doing so to me
i lost my calmness
this is the only website that give me a relief !!!
i begin to watch porn and do whatever that give me a relief
i fill a form to -desperatly- to reactivate my account
today thankfully my account reactivated
i didnt believe that

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I used to be a listener on 7cups… I should start doing it again

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I don’t even want to know what this is about.

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You didn’t deactivate it yourself? If not, change all your passwords in case you’ve been hacked


Did you try to date on it lol?

7cups is a site where you can talk with people .they listen to your problems and try to help you work them out. Can’t really give advice if you’re a listener but you can make suggestions

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