I was tricked

I am so stupid…I’m STRONGER than them and it scares them so they want to control me. That’s what some voice told me right now. And I said “I wouldn’t do anything to them…I just want to be left alone…” and the voice said I was too valuable to be left alone, why leave me alone when they can use me…

A wolf doesn’t bare its fangs at prey, but at a threat, and they’ve been baring their fangs at me this whole time, desperately trying to intimidate me and make me think I wouldn’t stand a chance against them. I am so stupid. I’ll learn, and I will kill them. I don’t know how but I will. I’ll make them wish they’d never even taken a second glance at me. They will be punished.

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Too bad you don’t like meds they keep this kind of ■■■■ from happening. Stay strong anna remember that the voices aren’t real. I know it is hard to in the middle of a delusion. You seem to be better at fighting the hallucinations than me so stay strong anna.

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