I was told I am not mentally ill

Here is what was said, You are not crazy because crazy people do not know they are crazy." I guess I will take what I can get. By the way, that is another gem from my ex-mother-in-law. She spent the whole marriage saying I am crazy and now she thinks I am not.

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That statement defeats itself. If crazy people don’t know they’re crazy then it would be impossible for anyone to know? So then everyone might as well be considered crazy. Haha

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It is her misunderstanding . . . it is not hard to find an a**hole.


Well by that logic she must be the crazy one.


Crazy is a very general term that only really defines a lack of understanding about the illness.

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Some people display a lack of insight. Generally if you are ill you have periods of lucidity and it is natural to look up symptoms and you become educated.


Wow I got told the same thing it was actually my sister she said "i don’t really think your crazy, no your not! " and someone else told me that too!

In other words… that’s BS. I may not have SZ, but I do have mental illnesses, and I am perfectly aware of the fact. There may be some I’m not aware of, I may not understand how they work or why I am this way, but being aware of abnormality doesn’t make you normal.

Since I was a kid I’ve always examined my own thoughts and motivations. That’s called insight, and it’s a good thing. But it doesn’t in any way mean that I don’t have OCPD, social anxiety, and emetophobia. It just means I’m keenly aware of the fact, and feel even worse about myself, because if I’m aware of my problems, I should be able to fix them.


“If crazy people do not know they are crazy” then the world is crazy my friends.

I was told “you’re not crazy, just different”.

What’s the difference between an "in-law"
and an “outlaw?”

…are wanted.