I was told (a poem)

I was told
That a paradise exists;
A place where
We all abide in peace,
And live in harmony;
Where we never fight,
Where we just accept people
As they come.

But I realized
The person who told me
No longer lives at the apartment
I saw her last,
And I was told by her neighbour,
That she talked about this “paradise”
all the time,
Saying, “Oh, how I want to be there!”
She dreamt of it all the time,
And she wept,
Because she couldn’t be there.
The neighbour said she hated herself,
And said that she dreamt of something
Not of this world,
But this world is far from her dreams, the neighbour said.

I told her that I wanted to be there, too,
But the neighbour cried and looked at me
In bitterness and agony.
So I went home, read a book,
Drank a cup of coffee, gently pat my dog,
And set him away to my mom’s house
For a while.
And then I took my medication,
And went to bed.

That night,
I dreamt
Of meeting that same person
In my dreams,
At the place she always told me about,
And she said she didn’t want me to come with her.

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