I was to stay away from people because

I hate being around people they hurt me. Weather the mean ti or not. My delusions are so horrible. It very hard for me to take interest in people’s conversations about some sports game or what went wrong in their day. I guess that makes me the bad guy.

I have great difficulty following conversations. If possible I walk out of conversations and go to my room. I don’t care much if people think I am rude. I can handle only so much. It has something to do with social withdrawal and cognitive deficit. I can process only so much information at a time.

Me too. I ate at a restaurant with my wife and in laws yesterday. The loud music and conversation from ppl behind us was too much. I couldn’t understand what my in laws were saying funny thing I don’t think anyone realized. It. I hate my scizophrenia

I came to the same conclusion, except I’m convinced it is me that hurts them. I have been a hermit for almost 4 years now, avoiding people. My psyciatrist keeps telling me that I must socialise, it’s very important, so I go to a few classes every week, but I keep to myself as much as I can. I know from 40 years experience that if I talk, I kill the conversation. I don’t know how or why I do that. Clearly I’m not on the same frequency as everyone else.

I keep myself to myself I think of what to say afterwards but during my minds blank

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I keep to myself, alone 99% of the time, but online is ok, feel confy and enjoy chatting with people on line, keeps me sane

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