I was the greatest of all men

I feel like the most important person in the universe. All the gods are angry at me because I’ve upset the order of the cosmos. They all accuse me of being the devil and I am innocent. I am this way because of a cosmic accident. I think I make up these scenarios because I’m covering my feeling of utter insignificance and the desolation, the desert of the real, total death, no inspiration.

You sound a tad bit delusional, please get help soon

What help? There’s no one who can instruct me. I just know more than they do. I’ve put more work into studying.

Are you on meds

I take an anti psychotic, a mood stabilizer, an antidepressant, and something for side effects, and an anxiety med.

How do you know more than literally any learned person experienced in a given subject?

I never claimed to.

How can you be great without knowledge?

There are people who are enlightened who know absolutely nothing. I was one once.

They know something. Maybe divine influence gave them a spiritually beautiful mindset.

Babies know nothing for example. One would hardly call them enlightened. But they do have a unique closeness to the divine.

I knew that God loved me. And I was taught the golden rule once. My family never went to church. I knew nothing else.

That is a start. But be realistic, it doesn’t make you the greatest.

You’ve ascribed your ego to Him, but it doesn’t mean you are as great as Him. He will influence you in moments of purity though, during times at which you don’t think like that.

I would have been the greatest man alive if I didn’t fail. Now it’s completely lost forever.

I think some kids know stuff like past lives. I started getting them with schizophrenia. Like a ton. It’s all an illusion man. Google “Tabula Rasa” lol. Some people aren’t born with a blank slate. I think PKD knew something profound and his illness was a result of it or gave him insight.

Like I have a strong belief we live in a computer program and that I remember it on the news in a past life. We found out. Should I share this with the world? Is it dangerous? I mean they could ‘reset’ us…dangerous knowledge? Enlightenment?

I don’t think I was great or anything, but just really, really weak. Survival of the weakest, not fittest. And nice guys finish last, not first.

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What is “the greatest” in an open system? The wealthiest? The strongest? The most spiritually developed? The most creative? The highest in all definable intelligences?

Why even strive for that convoluted mess?

You could be right. I feel similar at times.

I deny we are in a computer program though I’ve had an experience that proved it. Life would be so meaningless I’d commit suicide quicker than you can say Damn!

Off meds I thought I was Jesus, did and experienced miracles. I told the FBI that and that they should make me king of the world as I am above everyone in the universe.

I contacted the FBI by email on their website. They didn’t reply. So I called 911 many times telling cops my story, once they passed the phone to a paramedic. The second time cops threatened to give me a fine for harrassing them.

My unusual belief is that this is a computer simulation intended to measure your character. The overseers will determine your next habitation based on that. God belief is pretty pivotal too.

The next place will be incredibly hard to discern as a simulation, if it is at all.

I mean, if matter is basically consciousness, it is plausible that all levels of reality are projections of some sort as well. The persistent medium on which it exists is the closest to tangible we can fathom.