I was such a screw up when I used to smoke weedz

I used to smoke at highly inappropriate times. One time just before my graduation photo - immortalised forever on my mums wall all blazed up!

Another time was in the smoking area at work. I real straight laced guy came out for a ■■■ and asked why I was smoking roll ups! I thought I got away with it, then ten minutes later the boss came round for a ‘chat’. Note: smoking weed is like masturbation as a teenager - anytime you think you have just got away with it you haven’t. Folk totally know what you were up to!

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i smoked something, friends called it angel dust, from some hell’s angels looking fellars at a concert when 14. i was already getting into bars. i looked older.

i began hallucinating and was killing spiders on the walls hours later.

feel sure that’s when my brain broke.

didn’t knowingly hallucinate anymore till they became audible after smoking pot in my early 20’s.

i’ve gotten to spend my life realizing i may have been part of what caused my psychosis.

needless to say i am against teens going to concerts with older men.

some evidence does exist though that i may have been hallucinating even as a child. i lost a lot of memory and am unsure about most things.

Did you at least have some eye drops with you. They really make all the difference in these situations. Eye drops head down mouth shut. Nod and smile.

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At the bus stop. In the school cafeteria. At a concert at the county fair.

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Smoking marijauna and being an addict of it was the worst time. Caused an anxiety disorder. Screwed me up big time. Haven’t smoked it in a long time.

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