I was refunded

For all the illegal things, people did in my life, so that I would be unable to ever really support myself properly. With pain and suffering, it came to millions of dollars. So I left my apartment and went to the local Chevy dealer and bought a 2021 Malibu LT. I then checked into a luxury hotel and recuperated for a few days. Then drove to the airport and bought a ticket to London. I’m going to travel all over Europe for the summer, in my fantasy world.


Sounds like great plans. Can I come with you?

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That would be nice if you could do that. But doing it in your imagination sounds good too.

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Sure 1515151515

In the past, the pain and suffering I endured would measure to approx 10-300 million dollars lol. I won’t be getting any of it, but I should be allowed to vent and express my pain and self and so on…

It feels like an eternity of misery and suffering with schizophrenia…

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I’d love to travel and be adventurous but my anxiety wont let me do that :frowning:


I was an heiress but got conned out of my marriage and daughters first few years, as I lost myself in a rabbit hole of delusional thought.

Priceless, precious time I will never get back. I couldn’t put a number on it, but would be nice to recoup some of the money I believed I was due to inherit.

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