I was reading books today

Do you read books? I like spiritual non fiction non religious


I read this book



looks like a nice book :slight_smile:

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Heres what i read awhile ago, it left a lasting impression on me. Its about this alcoholic that lives on a mountain safe house during a zombie apocalypse, its funny but also kinda serious. Right now im reading text books, so the material is rather dry. Do you enjoy your books you read?

Oh right im also reading

Its all these short stories, they had some good ones so far and im only half way through.

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I read a book called sommarhuset.
Its swedish.
I read in periods though.
Now i dont feel for reading.

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Yes I am I will be book geek

Iā€™m currently reading a book about the rise of Joseph Stalin. Very interesting what happened in Russia during that time.

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