I was probably in the wrong on this one

I was in the mental hospital. It was in the evening, and they hadn’t done the paperwork to get me an official commitment. I felt like I was given a bum rap on this one. I thought I was more sane than the staff. I was calling Amnesty International on the phone, trying to get them to take an interest in my situation. I was calling a fund raising number, and they repeatedly sloughed me off. Finally, in my desperation, I said, “Listen. We have Daniel Ortega here, and we are going to shoot him in the head if you don’t help me.” (Daniel Ortega was the leader of the Sandinista government in Nicaragua at the time. I figured that because they worked for Amnesty International they would know that, but they didn’t.) The head nurse at the time overheard my comment on the phone, and she got some aids and said she was putting me on the horrible drug Haldol. I was so mad! I think what she thought she overhead me say was something like, “I am going to kill someone.” I told the nurse, “I am going to remember this, and I am going to remember you.” That came out more aggressive than I meant for it to be. What I meant was that some time if I saw her over parked, or speeding, or something like that, I would be likely to report it to the police. Anyway, what I said was interpreted as a serious threat, and it probably got me put on Haldol for a much longer time than if I had kept my mouth shut.

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We all have said and done things that if we were in our right minds we wouldn’t have done. No one expects us to act completely rationally when we’re psychotic. There’s going to be hiccups. So yes you were in the wrong, but you are forgiven I’m sure. And you’re better now, that’s what really matters.


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