I was only seeking to tease out the interlocking properties of truman show and solipsism

By no means was I trying to encourage delusions.

Truman show is a great fictional film that inspires a lot of heavy thought.

In 2012 I thought rich and powerful men were one step ahead of my every move. Even knowing which pack of smokes I would ultimately buy.

I thought they were so powerful they were sabotaging the supply chain so the pack I smoked only had tar, and no nicotine, so that I would smoke more.

In this delusion I asked my mom what a persons integrity is worth… bc I believed the cashier was in cahoots and I “estimated’ he was going along with it for 15 dollars a pop. I loathe the word projection, but I will off that overall my world view was seriously shot at the time.

This is such a basic and evidently grandiose delusion that I would only expect someone heavily psychotic to actually buy into.

Going on about this continuously is not healthy for you or anyone else.

This is so stupid.

Posts are made with legible insight. If you have that much you can get over this

Honestly. Get a grip. If you can’t go on Clozapine

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