I was on another non mental health related forum

I was talking about my relationship etc. And I did mention the bipolar. She said I need to push myself to manage it better and see a pdoc and therapist…She said if I am not getting the right care I should suggest another pdoc so my GP would refer me.

I’m upset. It does not quite work like that. Because yes I do not see a psychiatrist on a regular basis. Only when needed. Sometimes once a year. But I am really fighting to stay sane. I can’t get therapy if my GP or psychiatrist will not refer me. I haven’t got a choice. The only way they will put me in therapy is if I stop all meds and go downhill.

The lady made me angry.

Yes can go private but no way I can afford it I’ll became bankrupt.

So you’ve been flirting with another forum? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

On topic: she doesn’t know shi.t about your situation. You’re a regular here and we don’t know either. If your pdoc consider you need therapy she/he will make you go.

If your family or boyfriend thinks you need more help I’m sure they will tell you.

Don’t listen to the internet.
And don’t cheat on this forum lol


No I was talking about my relationship … i no flirty :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

its a forum where people talk about dating… and i was just asking about bipolar and dating and how people cope

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Be careful disclosing your mental illness diagnosis on the internet.
You could be setting yourself up for online bullying.

There are plenty of shallow and mean people out there.


Just reread that… sorry , i don’t think i am going back to that forum lol

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Not going back… On that board i have seen people mock others who want to date people with MI… people suggesting to people all kind of things putting off people dating others with mi.

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People give ■■■■.ty dating advices based on they limited knowledge. Not understanding the full complexity of your relationship. That’s only what your closed one know

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