I was nominated for an "Einstein Award"

I believe that my thoughts influence reality/have this delusion if I think wrong thoughts bad things happen or I make mistakes my karma causes bad things to happen…Im getting stuck in thought-mazes i feel like alice wandering around a fantastical maze of my own imagination–I want it to be beautiful–so Im painting the world like the red queen painted her roses, red and white–purple and blue–green and yellow-

and then Im going to turn it into STEP BY STEP HOW TO book called “Alice is an idiot” for Idiots…

Im so awesome!! Im so amazing!! Here hows that for toxic positives!! Im Captain Incredible!!

Hi, my name is G, Im
Captain unstopped!! You have not stopped or topped me B cuz’ I am ----Captain Marvelous!!
Q Im not a ■■■■■ Im the glitch in the matrix, I cued your movie on netflix, Im the only holy best the brilliant resilience
— I crashed your home/wrecked a party—free’d your WHOLE EXISTENCE

Captain Marvelous
super hero they love
Best American of

THE Century!


pretty soon they will be addressing by name

I dedicate this song to all my haters

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