I was looking into Whether schizophrenics could donate a kidney. I was shocked to find this

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I also found out that serious mental health conditions will disqualify you from donating a kidney.


I Read the article and never knew much about this.

There was a glint of hopefulness at the very end I think if I read correctly…

Normal people don’t care. They just want to marginalize us.


I’m now worried about it

Yes I read about this earlier.
We can be denied a transplant.

Really? They can deny giving us one? That’s horrible


It doesn’t say its for sz, don’t worry. I think its just for severely disabled patients like the ones with severe intellectual disability or severe autism, at least thats what they say in the article. But still even these people should have equal rights as others but in the article they say that these patients can’t really do the post surgery treatment due to intellectual disability. Like they have to do complicated things to survive, complicated for them and they will die if they don’t strictely follow treatment instructions.

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Speaking of this, a girl with down syndrome was denied a transplant but she won her case against the board. It’s not just us sz’s, and I’ve heard transplants can be denied to a lot of people including sz patients.

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Also, speaking of this, I’m donating my dead body to research. I may NOT be able to donate my organs, but I may as well donate my body to science. Maybe it’ll help to accelerate sz research.

In Israel we have l this card, that I have in my wallet, so that in case of an accident, or if something will happen to me, my organs will be donated.
do you have something like that in your country?

I have that too. I’m going to register when I have the chance.

Also, I’m donating my body to a hospital in Korea.

You’ve heard right.
SZ and psychotic patients can easily be denied.

They want people of “sound mind” only to be recipients.

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@jeroenp …151515

I think they want contributors to the economy to be recipients.

The reason I looked was because my sister was already a donor. So if anyone of her family needs a transplant we’re at the top of the list. Except for me I guess.

I was disppointed when I learned I can only donate my own kidneys. I hate it when you’ve done a lot of planning and someone else is thoughtless and ruins everything.