I was just thinking

All the crazy stuff we willingly believe without any actual evidence, and yet at some point or another, most of us have refused to believe that we were schizophrenic, as if our often outlandish ideas made more sense. It’s a crazy thing, the human brain.


Thinking a bit more broadly, I find the notable lack of critical thinking skills and encouragement of such in society as a whole to be concerning. Questioning if you have a mental illness because your reality is distorted makes sense on its face. I wish more people would question things that others are practically forcing on them. When someone pushes something a bit too rigorously, it more often than not means they have an agenda or a stake in it. Speaking of the public at large here.


That’s an understated understatement, to be redundantly redundant.


It’s a hard one @anon40540444. You get people who say they embrace critical thinking, but they don’t. For example - there are people, actual real living people right this very moment who believe the earth is flat. They believe the globe earth model to be a conspiracy. They don’t believe in gravity, they don’t believe we went to the moon, they don’t believe there are satellites out in space right now monitoring this planet. They criticise other people of not using critical thinking, because in their mind, if you used critical thinking, you would wind up at the same conclusion as them - that the earth is flat. I would say that physicists try to push the globe earth model, but only because they have evidence on their side. They don’t have an agenda or a stake in it…they are just trying to set the record straight. The problem with today’s society is the wrong people are exerting critical thinking, and about the wrong things. Questioning vaccinations. Questioning modern medicine. Questioning climate change.

Out of curiosity, do you feel that you independently originated that line of thought, or is it being promoted by some major political party, or something else? I don’t recall hearing it in the western world for a few years.

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