I was just missed

I got the call from these guys and I told them I will go to my local police station and requested to share the FedEx parcel number. They said they will share the number through SMS and they never did.

He said he would transfer me to that police station.

I feel sad for the people especially seniors citizens.

I keep getting calls like these.

Next time I will report it to cops.


To track such calls always don’t forget to lie.

I lied I know the cops in my locality.

Also another call I got was for child funding.

I lied that I know the politician and they would give you fundings. And she transferred the call to her supervisor and I informed him how much you want and he said we don’t like fundings from politicians. I told him what ever it is you will get money to save the kid. And he said no then I told him I am going to report this call to the cops he immediately disconnected.

I get such calls at least once a month.

Somewhere somehow my number is leaked into this scam industry.

Do you think it’s wise to talk to such people ?

No I don’t bother answering my phone. If it’s important they’ll leave a message.

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