I was in hospital 2 weeks and i feel bad

I have hallucination feeling bad i was in hospital and they put me same medication before. I take seroquel XR 600mg klonopin fluanxol depo injekciot 2 weeks. I feel bad nothing make me happy only feel a bit better át night. I done like summer its make me feel bad tired. What i do? My diagnoctic paranoid shizophrenia. Anxiety. And tachitardia. When the medications will work?

It can take 6 to 8 weeks usually for them to really kick in. 3 months I found for full effect on my particular meds. Different for everyone tho

Sorry youre having a rough time, I know the feeling of anhedonia had it bad on zyprexa

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It’s probably Anhedonia, either from the meds, the sz negative symptoms or both.

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sorry to hear you having a hard time. I hope the meds will kick in soon!