I was hospitalized on the 1st and taken off my AP

So I was hospitalized on the 1st of the month for depression probably from my bipolar (I got out on the 9th), while I was in there they threw around the idea that maybe I don’t have schizophrenia but maybe it was/is PTSD that caused the symptoms so they took me off my AP and things have been okay, I’ve had one about 10 minutes hallucinating, paranoid moment and I’ve lost a lot of weight about 15 lbs since the 1st of the month! I am feeling okay… I did talk to my nurse practitioner and she said as long as I am on my mood stabilizer I can’t get pregnant for fear it’ll hurt my baby and I can’t be on an antidepressant without the mood stabilizer because of my bipolar, I’ve come off my meds before and it makes me so depressed and so emotional it would be really risky for me so I CAN’T get pregnant probably ever… At least I got my dog


Yeah I could tell that you lost a lot of weight from your pic on here @Twialine

Hopefully you will do well without an AP

Best of luck to you

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@Wave Thank you! I hope you are doing well


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