I was brainwashed to be an alcoholic, but still I'm an alcoholic

I was in Iop in 2012 and the leader told me it was ok for me to drink, but no other drugs. Then one day someone said “did you hear the news today? Alcohol makes you more creative”. And they were all telling me I should do something creative, including the same guy. I was never much of a drinker before that, but then I started heavily drinking because I was convinced it increased creativity…but it only made it worse. I guess I have a resentment and feel I was brainwashed. But nevertheless I chose to pick up the bottle, and I’m still an alcoholic.


You’ve addressed the problem really well so far though.


I guess everyone could blame somebody for getting them into drugs or drinking so I’m not alone in that. I just seemed to identify really well about when it was. I also blame that Iop group for making me believe I was Jesus.

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