I was born - a realization

No need to get born again - at least not right now.

I need to be born again. Sooner the better. I want a new body. :baby_chick:

In the twisted world of the Evangelicals, you can always be “born-again.” Hey…just sayin.

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No I mean I want a new body.

I know. :smile: I was making a play on words with @chordy’s thread title.

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For your “new” body…you will obviously have to work for it.


Life is a journey! I love a lot of Nietzche’s stuff but I don’t want to go around again! I’m happy with my life even with all it’s heartache! I don’t want to do this all again so any moving on will be wanted!

I do well with this disorder but it’s hard work for sure!

Behold. I teach you the lightning I teach you this madness! Screw that I’m done!

A friend in the struggle,


Nope. I will die and go on to my next body in another galaxy :alien: you should work on your body OOOps

Nope there aint no "oops"about it.

Lol lol yup OOOPS SORRRY bwahahagah. Just messing with you :smile:

I miss this body :person_frowning: