I was asked questions

Stuff like ”Do you hear voices” ”Do you think others can hear your thoughts”
It’s good that they ask ofc but i only have few of the symptoms they asked about

What’s your point?

my point is that they ask useless questions

Well they just want to write down your panss score by asking you those questions etc also they will give you an autism survey to rule out other diagnosis first

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My pdoc asks me if I’ve been “seeing things or hearing things” every time I go into an appointment, even though I have never had hallucinations. It’s kind of annoying but I just answer “No” and move on.

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Whats a panss score?

Also I have Asperger’s already

I never want to be sick, my point is that they ask dumb questions that don’t apply to me

Did you tell your psychiatrist that you have asperger? He might mistake it for psychosis and thus increased your clozapine as a result

sometimes it might be helpful for us to know what you are doing for yourself. what are you learning in school, what is your town like,
your desire to achieve.
but maybe that’s just me.

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Yes he knows I have it.

How will they know if they don’t ask. ?

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Google on panss score

it are valid questions though huh… just answer them…

yes but dumb also

i dunno about that… it could be that you are experiencing those things, then they need to know huh.


How are you

i’m good… went for a walk with mobile team girl yesterday and now i’m gonna listen to music and browse the forum.

How are you?

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I’m rlly bored :frowning:

sorry to hear that… being bored sucks

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