I was almost taken once

My father had forced me to quit my job, and then he kicked me into the streets and left me for dead.

During this time i was walking back into town and a guy pulls up and offers me a ride, i was desperate so i got in, easy pickins for him.

So, we make it back into town and i say thats far enough, please let me out. He won’t stop, and i begin to get nervous, my heart really began racing.

He begins to eerily, and it sounded creepy as ■■■■ to, “why don’t we go on up to greenwood”, i say no id like out please, “i think we should go on up to greenwood”. He wasn’t going to stop either.

We did hit some traffic though and he was forced to come to a stop, i jumped out in a hurry.

We have a few options here, murdered, sex slave, other type of slave, tortured, you get the idea. All that i know it wasn’t going to be good whatever it was, and holy ■■■■■■■ ■■■■ did i get lucky there was traffic! I mean wow was i lucky that happened!

You should have heard his voice and how it sounded, coaxing, fake, “lets go on up to greenwood”, what a nightmare.

SurprisedJ should show you a milk carton …

I was thinking about j to when i wrote this, oh yes it happens, they are everywhere, stalking, looking for victims, he was right.

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I realize I got a bit extreme teaching my siblings how to combat kidnappers. I had my sibs convinced that every person on the planet except for me was a kidnapper. Never get into a strange car under any circumstance ever. never ever even if your dying.

I handcuffed her to my belt loops like always and we headed out the door. I had called a cab because we had the money and we had to go far… so we were standing there the cab pulled up, and rolled down the window and my tiny kid sis went nuts. She tried to run away, but she was handcuffed to me. First… get her to stop screaming. Second, get in the cab… third, retrain my sis not to be afraid of cabs and busses.

I was just thinking how suspicious that must have looked, child handcuffed to pants, her screaming, me holding my hand over her mouth and trying to stuff her in the cab… Trying to tell the driver… No no… she’s just afraid of kidnappers… it’s nothing really. I have black hair and I’m nearly an adult, she’s a little red head toddler… I must have looked like a kidnapper myself.


I’m glad you’re ok. My dad taught me to scream my head off if someone holds a gun to me. It is better to be shot in the street than to go wherever they’ll take you.

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Something similar happened to me when I was 20 years old. I jumped out of the car when it was going almost thirty mph and did several rolls down the street. I jumped up and ran 13 blocks back to the group home without stopping.

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Scary. There was a pedophile trying to get kids in his car some years ago where I live. Luckily he got caught. He stopped his car by my 5-year old son once, he didn’t see me at first. But then I stepped out on the street and showed myself he rushed away with his black car. I called the police, they got the reg.number on the car. Once he grabbed a 15-yearold boy and dragged him into the car. Buut a woman standing at the busstop saw everything and saved him.

I teach my kids not to trust anyone. Never ever go to a car when it stops. Not even if they ask for directions. I say they have to come home and tell me and then we can look togeather.

Once there were police officers behind our house, they were asking him questions about a little boy missing his parents, my son ran home at once and told me to come too. I had to check they were real officers.

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I am SO glad you were there to help stop that situation. That is the very situation that scares the pieces out of me. 15 and the poor boy was still grabbed. I keep trying to tell my family, “just because your not kids anymore doesn’t mean you can’t get kidnapped.”

Even as an adult it’s important to act with caution.

I’m glad you trained you’re kids to come get you.

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